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Holding Big Food Accountable for its Harms from Farm to Fork

Big Food has too much power. Our health, our planet, and democracy are worse for it.

1 in 5

The food that we eat is the leading cause of death and disease globally with 1 in 5 deaths linked to diet.



Our industrialized food system is accelerating the climate crisis, generating one-third of greenhouse gas emissions.


$500 billion

The 22 largest food and beverage manufacturers generate around half a trillion dollar in sales globally, selling roughly 1 out of every 5 food or beverage product purchased around the world.


can change

Our future depends on us reclaiming our power over our food. Together we can build a food system that works for people and the planet, and not just for profits.

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Compel Big Food to Open Its Books

Our Food System Requires Sunlight

Global food corporations are shaping what we eat, the way we eat, and how food is produced. The result? A profound public health crisis. Environmental devastation. Worker exploitation. Broken treaties. Animal cruelty. Growing health and economic disparities. Yet the public has very little window into how Big Food socializes its costs, while privatizing its profits.

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Food Systems in the Sunlight

Lucy Martinez Sullivan, Daniel Dorado, Mark Wijne

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