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Our Mission

Feed the Truth works to ensure science overrules special interests by revealing and counteracting the food industry’s undue influence in shaping nutrition policy and ability to disseminate biased science, among other activities detrimental to public health.

Our Vision

Feed the Truth believes a more just food future is possible, where every person is nourished by food that is healthy and produced with respect for people and nature.

Our Story

Feed the Truth was conceived by Daniel Lubetzky—a philanthropist and entrepreneur perhaps best known for creating the snack company KIND—with the goal that Feed the Truth would “hold all of us in the food community accountable for what we say and claim” and counteract the food industry’s sway over both policy and science.

As a now-former food industry executive, Daniel recognized that his involvement in Feed the Truth would raise concerns about conflicts of interest. So along with providing seed funding to get Feed the Truth started, Daniel pledged to limit his involvement with the organization to that of an individual donor. Read here for more on Daniel’s philanthropy and commitments to civic action.

Theory of Change

We deploy a range of tools to compel greater food industry transparency, a critical precursor to industry and food systems transformation.

Our Values

Truth & Transparency

Transparency is vital to creating a food system that promotes the health of people, planet, and society. We believe all stakeholders across the food system should act with integrity and that companies have a special responsibility to be truthful about their products and practices.


We believe in holding the powerful to account for their actions. We also hold ourselves accountable to acting with the highest ethical standards, including avoiding conflicts of interest that could compromise our ability to address issues freely and objectively.


We believe every human being has a right to healthy food — to live a life free from hunger, malnutrition, and disease brought about by an industrialized food system. To achieve as much, we challenge the deeply-rooted racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination and hate that undergird today’s inequitable environments. This while we challenge ourselves to center and address these inequities in our work and our organizational culture.

Scientific Rigor

Independent science and rigorous analysis provide the essential grounding for our efforts to create healthier, fairer food environments.


We are willing to take risks and advance bold, innovative ideas to drive the kind of transformation that is needed in our food environments. We are unafraid to speak the truth, to say what is hard to hear, and to do what is right.

Compassion & Collaboration

We believe that compassion is the wellspring of justice. Our care and concern for people harmed by the current global food system inspires us to act. We speak truth to the powerful not to sow seeds of division, but to cultivate a world where everyone can access and enjoy this planet’s harvests.