Feed the Truth is committed to realizing a food system that prioritizes the future of our planet, equity, and public health over short-term corporate wealth.


Feed the Truth believes a world is possible where food systems healthfully nourish all people and are governed by human need not corporate greed.


Truth and transparency

We believe all stakeholders across the food system should act transparently and with integrity and that food corporations should necessarily be truthful about their products, practices, and political engagement.



The corporations that dominate our food system must be directly accountable to people, not just their boards and investors. In the face of growing inequality, a climate crisis and skyrocketing levels of diet-related disease, corporations can no longer be allowed to externalize harm at people’s expense. And as Feed the Truth holds the powerful to account, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, including avoiding conflicts of interest that could compromise our ability to realize our mission.



We believe every human being has a right to healthy food. In challenging structural racial, gender, and class inequities and power imbalances, we support those communities most burdened by the disparities of our current food environments in realizing justice.


Scientific rigor

We value independent, objective science and see it as the foundation for our efforts to create healthier, fairer food environments.



We are unafraid to speak the truth, to say what is hard to hear, and to do what is right.

Our History

“hold all of us in the food community accountable for what we say and claim”

Feed the Truth is a new nonprofit organization that stands on the shoulders of and in locked arms with a burgeoning global movement to create a healthier, more just society by challenging the global food and beverage industry’s exploitation of our health, environment, and democracy.

It was founded by Daniel Lubetzky—a philanthropist and entrepreneur best known for creating the snack company KIND—with the goal that Feed the Truth would “hold all of us in the food community accountable for what we say and claim” and counteract the food industry’s alarming sway over both policy and science.

Daniel recognized that as a now-former food industry executive, his involvement in Feed the Truth might raise concerns about conflicts of interest. Along with his ten-year funding commitment, Daniel pledged only to be involved with the organization as an individual donor through his family foundation.

With the help of leading experts in the field of corporate accountability, food justice, and nutrition policy (who informed our strategic plan), today Feed the Truth is fully autonomous, governed by an independent Board of Directors that together with the Executive Director and staff, determine the organization’s strategy, policy positions, and programming.

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