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How does Feed the Truth effect change?

As a new organization, this is yet taking shape. The organization currently has two overarching strategies in realizing its mission: compelling Big Food to fully disclose its political giving and curb its political interference. To animate these strategies, Feed the Truth is building a team of researchers, campaigners, and communicators. This team brings decades of experience in shareholder and policy advocacy, field and digital organizing, corporate research and monitoring, and public interest communications.


Does Feed the Truth receive corporate money?

No. Feed the Truth does not accept any kind of contributions from food and beverage corporations or industry groups. The organization was founded by Daniel Lubetsky, the founder of and a former executive with KIND Bars. His contributions to the organization were and never will be through a corporation, but rather his family foundation. He also no longer owns or holds any shares in the corporation (the company was acquired by Mars in November, 2020).


What else does Feed the Truth do to guard against industry practices the organization is committed to rooting out?

Beyond ensuring the organization receives no funding directly from major food corporations and their surrogates, the organization is committed to maintaining a staff and board with no formal ties to industry (no direct stock-holdings, no contractual relationships, no membership affiliations). We are also committed to producing and promoting research that meets the highest standards of scientific rigor. And we will not “partner” with corporations in the execution of our programs.