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The FACT Index is an original piece of research — inspired by the pioneering work of other researchers and institutions.

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CEO: David MacLennan  

Annual Revenue: $114.6 billion 

Top Subsidiaries: Purina, Diamond V, Nutrena, and 57 others.

Countries they operate in: 70 countries

Industry Type: Agribusiness

Public or Private: Private

Corporation Size: 160,000 employees


Board Information 

Notable members include: Sheela Riggs, Chair of the Department of Primary Dental Care at the University of Minnesota’s School of Dentistry, on the boards of Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc., Benco Dental, Inc., Minnesota Hospital Association, and Wellmark Foundation; Anna Richo, Member of the Board of Trustees for DePaul University and of the Board of Directors of Adamas Pharmaceuticals and formerly served as a Member of the Board of Directors of Cytyc Corporation, a medical diagnostics company; and Muffy MacMillan, Chairman of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. 

How to Improve

We wish we could say it doesn’t get much worse than this, but as this ranking reveals, it does. Cargill does make some mention of charitable giving and trade associations (in press releases primarily), revealing some of its corporate behavior. But overall, it declares nothing regarding its political activities, other than that they “comply with the law and support Cargill’s interests.”  

What You Can Do

Food Industry Political Disclosure

For our health, demand Big Food open the books on its political spending

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