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The FACT Index is an original piece of research — inspired by the pioneering work of other researchers and institutions.

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CEO: Grant F. Reid   

Annual Revenue: $37 billion 

Top Subsidiaries: Twix, M&M’s, Wrigley, and 47 others.

Countries they operate in: 80 countries

Industry Type: Food & Beverage

Private or Public: Private

Corporation Size: 130,000 employees


Board Information

As a private corporation, members of the board are primarily Mars family members. The most notable member of the Mars board is Stephan Badger, who used to work at Seeds of Change, an organic farming company now owned by Mars; Pamela Mars-Wright, who also serves on the supervisory board of Heineken; and Board Member Victoria B. Mars, served as brand manager of Milky Way, worked for Dove chocolate, and then as ombudsman for Mars, Inc.  


How to Improve

Mars scored the best in electioneering, both due to its policy limiting political activity by the corporation and its clear disclosure of this decision. Unfortunately, it failed to take the easy step of providing reporting on lobbying activities, and also provides very little data on its funding of scientific or charitable giving practices.


What You Can Do

Food Industry Political Disclosure

For our health, demand Big Food open the books on its political spending

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