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The FACT Index
The Food and Agriculture Corporate Transparency (FACT) Index

The FACT Index scores the world's largest, corporate food producers and processors on how well they disclose their political giving.

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The world’s largest food and agriculture corporations have enormous power and control over virtually every aspect of our food system—and the rules that govern it. Big Food wields this power in the political arena to its advantage using a variety of tactics—from lobbying policymakers and funding political campaigns to funding research and nonprofit organizations to support their policy agendas—and they do so opaquely and with little oversight. This lack of transparency means that corporations can sell us a family-, worker-, and environmentally-friendly image even as they spend heavily to block policies that would improve public health, cut down on inequality and poverty, and help prevent the climate breakdown. It’s why we at Feed the Truth developed the Food and Agriculture Corporate Transparency (FACT) Index, a tool to prompt greater sunlight on the food industry’s political giving, in all the forms it takes.

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Key Findings

0% of the world’s largest corporate food producers and processors disclose political giving across the countries they do business in.


39/100 was the top score among the global food and agriculture corporations analyzed.

4/10 top food and agriculture corporations disclose any of what they spend on science.

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