Statement: Stopping Hate Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Feed the Truth’s staff and Board of Directors unequivocally condemn the continued violent and racialized attacks on Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Native Hawaiian (NH) communities. We stand in solidarity with the victims, survivors, and families affected by these violent attacks, enduring xenophobic harassment, and racist encounters. We recognize the historical pains that AAPI communities experience around issues of invisibility and erasure, which have contributed to the initial lack of coverage and awareness of these attacks by mainstream media outlets. We know that this most recent wave of attacks and harassment are part of a long-standing history of racist violence and racial trauma that AAPI and NH communities have endured and continue to endure in this country.

Furthermore, we want to lift up the call to action by AAPI organizations and allies to invest in local, state, and national efforts to:

  • Seek solutions that combat structural and historic racism in partnership with other groups representing diverse racial and ethnic populations
  • Respond with restorative justice practices, rather than seeking justice only through law enforcement, which can perpetuate aggression and discrimination in marginalized populations
  • Provide immediate and deep investments in AAPI and NH communities such as culturally-appropriate and linguistically-accessible mental health services, community ambassador programs to accompany vulnerable community members, and expanding bystander trainings
  • Prioritize the development of policies and programs for healing and trauma-informed interventions, cross-racial partnerships, and other culturally appropriate resources

Our AAPI staff have compiled the following readings and resources to help equip our supporters, partners, and the public to act on this issue:

Through our efforts to realize a more just food system and a more representative democracy, Feed the Truth is prepared to work in allyship to root out racial hatred, ignorance and violence.

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